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The growing use of social-networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, along with technical advances in data-retrieval techniques, are providing new opportunities to make use of people’s personal information — and those opportunities are equally available for both ethical and unethical uses.

This website provides information about the various threats to online privacy and how Internet users can make better decisions about their privacy. We also provide educators with materials that they can use to bring privacy education to their classrooms.

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Teaching Privacy at CyBEAR

A beta version of the TROPE curriculum under development by the Teaching Privacy team will be put through its paces at this summer’s CyBEAR summer camp, hosted by the TRUST center at University of California–Berkeley. CyBEAR is a four-week program for high... read more

What Is This Project?

Teaching Privacy aims to empower K-12 students and college undergrads in making informed choices about privacy, through hands-on educational tools and other classroom materials.

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We are a cross-disciplinary group of computer scientists, educators, and social scientists at the International Computer Science Institute and the University of California-Berkeley.

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